Meet Dr. Shirley Durham

Meet Dr. Shirley Durham

Dr. Shirley Durham is a faith-based belief therapist and anger management facilitator in Arlington, Texas. She is married to a pastor and has  two biological adult children and three children she inherited in marriage. She is the author of Marriage Better in Time, Pastoring from Scratch and Musical Artist called God’s Grace.  She spends her time counseling and mentoring mothers, wives and singles.

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Marriage Better With Time

In this book, Dr. Shirley shows us the very real-life experiences of enduring life challenges with your spouse. F Dr. Shirley discusses what married couples should look for when deciding upon decisions making for their marriage. As Dr. Shirley writes in her book, “If married couples do not wake up to the potential danger that society is suggesting outside of Biblical principles for marriage. We may do serious damage for the generations to come.” This book is vitally important to help avoid unhealthy marriages. Dr. Shirley Durham is a Faith-Based Belief Therapist and Anger Management Facilitator in Arlington, Texas. She is the author of Pastoring From Scratch. Her endless creativity and passion led her towards releasing an album called “God’s grace”.


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God's grace by Shirley Durham